Monte Sano Hiking Trails That Will Get You Back In

If you live in Huntsville, in the state of Alabama, there is a place called Monte Sano State Park. It’s on the east side of Huntsville, and takes up about 2100 acres. It is publicly owned, a recreational area plus there is a mountaintop retreat. There are several hikes that you can go on that you will definitely enjoy. Let’s go over four of the best ones that you should definitely consider hiking once it gets a little warmer, allowing you to finally get some exercise under the sun.

A Few Things to Consider

One thing about this state park is that it is quite large and has quite a few trails that you can try out. It is recommended that if you are traveling to Alabama for the express purpose of hiking, you might want to spend a couple of weeks. Whenever you go, bring plenty of food and water with you, and suntan lotion if it’s during the hot summer months. Here are a few hiking trails that you should consider going on in this beautiful state park.

Plateau Loop Trail

Although this hike is rated as easy, it’s quite long. You will be hiking for about 5 miles. You are only going to go up about 360 feet, and there will be quite a bit of traffic during the spring and summer. For those that have never been there before, you will notice how level the trail is. The trail widens out in the north, and also on the western part of the trail, a place to get exercise if you are just starting out.

Stone Cuts Trail

This aptly named trail will take you by some beautiful rock formations. It is somewhat hidden in the midst of all of the other trails in the area. It is a place that you will want to revisit, a two point Four Mile trail that is near Brown’s Borough. Dogs are allowed if you have them on a leash, and there are many beautiful areas that are perfect for birding and picture taking.

Bluffline Trail to Alms House Trail Loop

Trail to Alms House

Now if you want to do something hard, that is roughly 5 miles, this trail loop should be at the top of your list. Bluffline Trail to Alms House Trail Loop is going to take you up about 850 feet, making it at least moderate. There are a couple of strenuous areas, and in some locations, the trail can be overgrown. There aren’t that many markers, but there are usually people that are on the trail that can help you if you somehow get off the trail as you are hiking.

If you can do these three trails when you get to the Monte Sano State Park, you will feel that you have done something worthwhile. You are going to get plenty of exercise and get to see how beautiful the national parks are in the Alabama region of the United States. If you do get to go for a longer period, check out the Monte Sano sinks trail and also the McKay Hollow Trail if you have the time. It’s a great place to be for people that like the great outdoors and enjoy hiking.