Madison Alabama Hiking Trails That You Should Check Out

When you visit Madison in Alabama, you might want to consider going on a hike just to get out. You might be doing this to relax, getting away from the usual turmoil of your business life. On the other hand, you might want to get back into shape. Hiking is a great way to get your cardiovascular system moving area if you are going to be in Madison, you should try some of the trails that are currently available for people in this area of Alabama.

Reasons To Start Hiking In Madison

The reason that you should start hiking is going to be a personal one. It could be that you just want to get into shape. Another reason is that you have a friend that will walk with you, and you can spend this time talking about things that you enjoy talking about. You could bring your kids with you so they can get exercise, or take your dog along. Now let’s look at a few of the places that are in Madison, and close by, that you should consider hiking.

Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail

This trail is one that has a very short distance of about 1.5 miles. It is located very close to Madison, so it’s easy to access. It is rated at about moderate, and therefore hiking is possible, but you could also do walking and trail running. Dogs can also be on this trail, so if your favorite thing to do is take your canine out for a nice walk, this would be a great place to go.

Bill And Marion Certain Trail

This is a trail that you will have to drive to, going toward Huntsville Alabama. It is a little out of the way, but it’s close enough if you would like to get out of Madison and find a new trail to hike. People like this trail because it’s easy, even though it is over 4 miles in length. It is a trail that is doggone these friendly. People do everything there including trail running, birding, hiking, and it’s kid friendly because of how easy it is to do.

Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail

This is close to Dublin Park which is just about 5 miles away. It is a beautiful trail that is actually moderate to easy, so almost anyone will be able to do it. There are several other trails, and you can hike up to the top of Rainbow Mountain if you want to. It’s easy enough for kids, allowing them to really see all of the beauty that is in the forests and mountains and the Madison, Alabama area that are quite a sight to see.

Now that you have a better idea of what is available in the Madison area, you should plan your hikes accordingly. It’s probably only going to take you two minutes to drive to each of these locations, and then you will be ready to hike up the Mountain. Just make sure that you have plenty of water when you go on a hike, especially during the summer. It’s recommended that you bring snacks, or if you decide to hike up to the top of the mountain for lunch, definitely bring a picnic with you. It’s always fun to go out in the wilderness and this is exactly why people enjoy hiking in Madison.